Ray Hashman (megaman@infinet.com)
Sun, 4 Jun 2000 22:17:19 -0400

> Well, not really, as I haven't seen Tenchi, all I've seen is the movie
> Tenchi Muyo in love. Just tell me this, since from watching the first two
> episodes, I like Tenchi a lot, so is the OVA worth buying in its uncut
> What is this OVA called? Tenchi Muyo OVA 1. Pioneer has a boxed set, but
> not want to get the wrong set.

The main diferences is likely going to be the very breif nudity, mainly from
Ryoko, in some of the eps. The run is still covering all teh basics of the
run and the good parts are still there. I wouldn't say it's enough to get
the OVA run for.

They have since re-released the OVAs in a new box design, but I can't
remember the exact title. The original was simply Tenchi Muyo. It was a 13
ep OVA run. I can find out soon enough.

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