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<< Would you like it analized? I have the OVA run here and could look it up.
 (Besides the obvious 7-8 minutes of missing footage due to length editing.)
 The originals are 30 minutes long, so that's a given edit job problem.

  Well, not really, as I haven't seen Tenchi, all I've seen is the movie
Tenchi Muyo in love. Just tell me this, since from watching the first two
episodes, I like Tenchi a lot, so is the OVA worth buying in its uncut form?
What is this OVA called? Tenchi Muyo OVA 1. Pioneer has a boxed set, but do
not want to get the wrong set.
> What genre of anime is Tenchi? There was some comedy, a bit of action,
> well as some Japanese? mythlogy in there as well.
 Fantasy/Sitcom (our local classification for it)

Makes sense, I like its blend of comedy and fantasy.


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