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<< Oh, and I saw both the Escaflowne movie, and the new opening for the
 Fox Kids broadcast of Escaflowne. The latter was pretty good, and the
 audience at the Bandai panel reacted with a brief round of applause
 (probably mostly out of sheer relief).

  That's good, though I wonder how Escaflownes content will be done? There's
certain parts that would seem so called "inapporite" for a show on Fox kids,
like blood and some of the more violent scenes. As Escaflowne is no kids show
and its pretty grim in some parts and its story is mature. I hope the rest of
the music alone, as the songs in certain scenes help add emotional impact.

  When I finished watching Escaflowne, I was awed, of the quality of this
series and would hate to see it messed up. At least it will have an Opening
on Fox. Since they clapped for it, it doesn't seem like its a bad Opening by
any means, even if it was in relief.


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