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hrmm.. the middle folded part is kinda cut away... but the top part
basically says that they've been late in getting this article out and that
they have found the Director Iida to write an article about this project.
The captions are basically the updated Gog designs...

Iida's article:

Pg. 90

Hello, I am the Director of 08th MS Team, Umanosuke. I think I must explain
why, even though I'm not a modeler, I was asked to talk about the "making of
    The script writer is the storyteller. Mechadesigner is a person who
designs mecha. So... what is a director? I think there are many people
who can say that a director is someone who has a certain job. The following
is my own personal definition: "it is a person that brings together the
script writer, mecha designer, animators and controls (in otherwords direct)
the anime film." well, something lke that at least.
    Ok, let's get back to Trivial Operation . Originally, this started from
talk of whether to add this plan (TO) to the reprint of "MS Era"'s "08th MS"
version (note: syousyakan 3500 Yen, just a casual advertisement).
    That book was finished in a rush so I was not quite pleased with it.
Since it was a Model Magazine, I thought, why not make it 3d? and those
"unreasonable" ideas became the start of Trivial.
    Therefore, the goal of Trivial is to "show directed pictures". Even
though it's a Modeler's Magazine, we have to aim towards modelers and Mr.
Sonozaki (the story maker) and I, Capt.Yamane (Mechanical Designer) became
the staff from the beginning.
    Well, the topic is the Gog. The arrangement of 3 people is very simple.
"The Gog is a monster isn't it. In the First Gundam, it even destroyed a
lighthouse by just stepping on it..." "Yeah, and with that, this time the
concept is the big beast Gog" "But I can't make a story from just that?!"
"Well, what if the pilot was like a beast or something of the sort" "But
then there's not twist/spice to it" "Well then.... a girl pirot" "But she
has to be beautiful and have big tits!" I won't say who said what... but
those were the highlights. With this type of conversation, you can see the
image sketches I came up with on P.90. (missing end of the few sentences in
this paragraph).

Afterwards, we talked to Mr. Sonozaki and he started to make the plot. At
the same time, Capt. Yamane started his own Gog designs. With the finished
plot as a base, I started to make the conte ( i don't know the eng. word for
it ref. Pg 91 middle left caption). Then I took this to, formerly a
modeller, but this time the set designer, Mr. Nishimura. On top of this,
Mr. Sotosaki takes the conte and adapts it to the novel, while Capt. Yamane
adapts it to the Designs. While writing, I have to deal with the
plans/arrangements that I am on the verge of hating, and I have to fax and
phone people, mail things, and hold meetings in the editing rooms with only
one face of walls.
    These things are all part of a group collaboration in making Trivial and
it's necessary process.
    Why do I have to be so particular about Trivial being a "directed
picture (story)", in short, because we're not pro modelers. At the same
time, because of that, we love models. We were gunpla kids that grew up in
a time where there were no Anime/Video magazines and all we had were the
images shown on TV (we are old men!!)
    Therefore, of course we like to take our favorite gunpla and arrange it
in a way we like. There is no "official" right or wrong in Gundam or
modelling. I was born in an era where I could say "the Gog I see/know is
like THIS!". Of course, during that time, the message of "Gogs are active
in a certain place and certain situatiosn" was imprinted as well.

THIS is the reason for being so particular about the "directed picture
    These aren't official designs or pictures released from Sunrise or
anything, these are the images that I think are correct and are supposed to
look cool. Above all, this (project) is fun. This plan is supposed to be
for us old fogeys to have fun with the 1 year war era!

Picture Captions
    (Left: First picture shows Iida's idea of a militaristic Gog and it's
proportions to other things (ie. car). BTW, Iida calls Yamane Capt. (Team
leader) not as a military rank, but because they go camping together!)
Right: picture shows Iida's original sketches based on the First Gundam Gog.
Originally, it was a very character based underwater MS. But in "08" he
wants to make it so that it comes out of a black ocean like a true monster.
Left Bottom: Yamane's original sketches (i can't read the rest, too
blurred). Right Bottom: Yamane's Gog design. It doesn't deviate too much
from the First Gundam series yet it has Yamane's own style in it. Iida
really likes this one. This was from while making 08th MS Team. The
proportions were fixed. Since it is a underwater model, there was attention
put to making the ball shape to make one feel the pressure of underwater.
There are blast (?) inside the body so that makes the stomach part huge. I
want the model....
"08th" wants to illustrate the bulkiness/heaviness of mobile suits, so it is
against the modelling trends nowadays, and the legs are made shorter. But
the example made by the Modelling magazine, without our consent, changed the
proportions for the legs and Iida and Yamane were furious. This time in
Trivial, we want to carry out this design. Don't think that only thin is
good looking!!!

Left: Yamane's drawing. This shows the Gog inside the U-Con boat. This was
taken just as is as a Conte.
Right (can't see): probably underwater Zaku II
Left Middle: Conte is basically what the director takes from the plot and
puts into pictures to show what he wants to show. This is then given to the
modellers with notes/memos written on it. (Next part I can't see clearly)
The plot also had to give Rachel (the character in the story) a certain
amount of persuasiveness. After all, a colony Zion marine soldier (??) when
faced with natural environment instead of artificial will become like this
right? By the way, a 5 cm Gog model was modified for this and the waves
were the work of Mr. Nishimura.
Middle Right: This is Iida's conte, it shows a Gog coming out from a U-con.
(Can't see clearly the next bit).
Bottom Right: This time, made from the old fogey gundam association, here's
a image sketch of the main character Rachel. (some words missing), but
apparently they want to make her a "characteristic" type of character (as
opposed to just looks), but because they have to make her into 3d and
there's a lack of time for the schedule, so they cannot do that. The
illustrator was Mr. Takaratani.
Bottom Left: Showing the photo shooting of the T.O. Gog and all the nifty
equipment used. Bottom Bottom Left: The gog again with the strobe lights
and smoke machine etc...

-V-'s thoughts:
So this is basically going to be something like Gundam Sentinel I guess.

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