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Eddie writes,

>Ok... the show's over... so where's the report?!
>I missed the first 3 days, but what I do know:
>- Currently only the 5 good-guy Gundams are available as action figures.
> Whoever claims that they saw the Tallgeese or Epyon in the assortment
> case is lying through their teeth, since even Bandai's own booth at
> AX 2K doesn't have them on display.

  The Tallgeese was on display at the Bandai booth, and Bandai America's
Sei Okazaki told me that it would ship later this month. The Epyon is
expected in August, and the second round - including the Tallgeese II,
Altron, Deathscythe Hell, and two versions of the Leo, all on display in
prototype form - is slated for September.

  What else? Well, let's think...

  The details of the Endless Waltz release have probably been reported
already. It'll be on Cartoon Network at some point, probably this fall,
and it sounds like they're airing the three-episode form. Four video
versions will be released early next year - VHS and DVD, each in edited
and uncut form - and the uncut DVD will also include the "special
edition" movie version.

  The original Gundam series ("First Gundam" as the Japanese fans call
it) is the next full-length series planned, but it's not yet determined
how & where it will be released. (TV seems like the most obvious venue,
but nothing's decided yet.)

  0080 and 0083 will be released on DVD next year, and 08th MS Team is
due in 2001 as well.

  Oh, and I saw both the Escaflowne movie, and the new opening for the
Fox Kids broadcast of Escaflowne. The latter was pretty good, and the
audience at the Bandai panel reacted with a brief round of applause
(probably mostly out of sheer relief).

-- Mark

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