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>>oh i really don'think that gundam would be a good idea on CN... 0079's dated
>>animation would probably cause more ridicule that fans..... stick with
>>08th MS
>>team I say....
>There are a dozen or so episodes for 08th MS Team though... it'd be in
>within a month!
yes thats true, but America has a society where ridicule is normal and foriegn
things have to be ridiculed, a good example is WB cartoons, not only are they
teaching kids to be Assholes but they mke fun of cultures and tell kids to
bother people, Another example is how chinese food always has those cat and
dog eating jokes and Japanese food is always like eww.... this is american
society, sure i find a lot of it funny but ridicule is certain, and i feel
that this series will earn more jokers than fans......

- Roger



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