Roland Thigpen (
4 Jul 2000 15:43:37 -0000

On Tue, 04 Jul 2000 10:28:47 CDT Burke Rukes <> wrote:
  Hell, I
>even stood right next to a girl in the dealers' room at A-kon here in Dallas
>last month who was dressed up as _DUO_, for goodness' sake! But I was still
>kinda stumped over why the _YAOI_ stuff was so popular.

That still doesn't beat the 60 year old guy that dresses up as a Sailor Soldier from Sailor Moon who goes (or at least went) to alot of cons like Katsucon and Animazement.

Now THAT was frightening. Even more frightening than the guy who had a jam up costume of Basara Nekki from Macross 7 at the first Animazement.


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