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Eddie writes,

>I do know at least 1 girl who was introduced to Gundam
>via Wing years ago, but saw the light and became a U.C.
>fan instead. She doesn't even watch Wing on CN and
>when she did catch a few episodes on cable her comments
>regarding the piss-poor dub just made me laugh my ass off.

Hey, where do _I_ meet girls like that? :) Most of my other friends (male
and female alike) who're into anime reached the conclusion years ago that
about 40% of female anime fans are "butch" lesbians, 40% are "femme"
lesbians or bi, and only 20% are actually straight. Scary stuff. But I
don't want to degenerate this into an argument over gays, but when I first
started seeing all this yaoi Wing stuff going around, I really wasn't
surprised. Although I think I have another explanation for the popularity
of this phenomenon...

First of all, let's face it. The G-Boys are "pretty boys" without a doubt,
and you have to admit it. Not _ALL_ girls (like our Smokey friend here ^_^)
watch Wing to drool over the characters, but a _LOT_ of them do. Hell, I
even stood right next to a girl in the dealers' room at A-kon here in Dallas
last month who was dressed up as _DUO_, for goodness' sake! But I was still
kinda stumped over why the _YAOI_ stuff was so popular.

Then I recently saw the movie "Trekkies," and it all became so clear. ^_^
In case you haven't seen it, Trekkies is a very funny but also very _scary_
movie. Anyway, one of the areas of Trek fandom they talked about what the
little-known "Kirk/Spock" fanfic movement, which is basically fanfic stories
of Kirk & Spock's homosexual relationship... and most of these stories are
written by women. The one "K/S" woman writer they interviewed explained the
reason they write these kinda of stories. A) These women were fantasizing
about Kirk and/or Spock being with THEM (the women writers). B) Because
they were so infatuated with Kirk and/or Spock, the "romance" fanfic they
would write would have them involved with EACH OTHER, instead of other
women, because these female writers didn't want to SEE Kirk and Spock with
other women.

So, mabye that's why Wing yaoi dojinshi is so popular. Mabye there are lots
of otherwise-genuinely-heterosexual girls out there who are so fixed on
Heero or Duo or whoever, that they want to express their emotions, but DON'T
want "their man" to be seen with "some other woman." Just some food for
thought, everyone. Figured I'd give everyone a _reason_ to think about why
yaoi is around so much, rather than just bashing it on general principles.


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