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--- Richie Ramos <> wrote:
> >In thier respective old suits, Char and Amuro might
> >lose (we really can't say can we, those wing boys
> just
> >pull stunts that were never deemed possible), but
> they
> >won't go down without a fight (taking an arm from
> the
> >wing mechs is aggain kinda hard to gauge since they
> >are treated as absurdly tough). But give em all
> zakus,
> >or all leos, no customizations... Amuro and Char
> >wouldn't even drop a sweat.
> not really...knowing those two, they would go for
> joints or important frail
> parts, etc.

Here's something we could probably agree upon, in the
UC univ, they blast the joints and the Wing mechs fall
down. But for some strange reason some wierd particles
in the AC univ's air molecules is bound to prevent
that. Arrgh! I don't care anymore! Nothing beats the
RX-78-2!!!! (Here my biases start arising as my
favoristm for the DeathScythe is swallowed by my
newtype identity)

I can picture char holding Baron Flash's severed head
(and mask) on a stick.

It's more fun beating up the Turn A, at least I hate
that series.

Richie, I got the manga with the H-arms pic i was
telling you about(I know its overdue). Sending it to
you after I scan it.

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