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>Anyone have Entertainment Bible #39 (which is a history of the One Year
>The last chapter covers "aces" of the One Year War, with small bios of the
>top pilots.
>If I read it correctly, our best known characters were not the top pilot
>"aces" of the OYW. Amuro Rei was second for the Federation, credited with
>142 MS kills and (9 capital ships?) I don't even see Char Aznable in the top
>8 for the Jion... am I reading this correctly (page 137)?
>- Vlad

You read it right. Mark Simmons went over this a few years ago. How an
"ace" is determined is not how spectacularly he/she kills off enemies or
how fast, it's a quantity game. So even though Amuro had an outstanding
record, whoever managed to score more kills will be placed before him.

Char may have undisputed piloting skills, but from what was shown in the
0079 TV series, he didn't get that much action ever after he got involved
with the cursed "wooden horse". After the Garma fiasco, he was basically
suspended and was not involved with the war until he was recruited by
Krishia and managed to find the White Base at Belfast. After that you can
literally count his kills with one hand. He fought several battles against
one of the Fed's best pilots, but he didn't earn as many kills as those who
were stationed in bases where the Feds sent a mass of unexperienced pilots
to. That's why he wasn't even rated an ace, because he didn't rack up as
many kills as the other guys.


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