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Mon, 3 Jul 2000 22:42:02 -0700 (PDT)

--- Edward Ju <> wrote:
> >You don't? okay, I take it back for you. How could
> I
> >not make that generaliztion when every single girl
> I
> >know (again, not counting you) is drooling over
> Duo's
> >braids, or Quatre's smile, or Heero's... uh,
> Spandex... or what's inside it, to be accurate. ;)

Hence the lemons... now its starting to make sense.

> >Well, I guess not ALL the young teenage girls who
> >watch GW are in it for the bishonen.
> I do know at least 1 girl who was introduced to
> Gundam
> via Wing years ago, but saw the light and became a
> U.C.
> fan instead. She doesn't even watch Wing on CN and
> when she did catch a few episodes on cable her
> comments
> regarding the piss-poor dub just made me laugh my
> ass off.
> Eddie

Oddly enough, I know some Filipino girls who hate the
dubbing but still love the Wing series. Thats
disturbing. Then again, why drool over wing when
there's dozens of other bishonen available.

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