Tue, 4 Jul 2000 01:30:54 EDT

  Make of it what you will.

The best thing about Anime Expo was that I got to talk to SEI OKAZAKI of
Bandai America. He straightened a lot of things out for me on BAs plans for
GUNDAM WING items. The Gudnam Wing action figures that are out now are
clearly MOBILE SUIT IN ACTION size. However, aside from WING GUNDAM himself,
they will be not be released in Japan. The blister-packed, no-extra-parts,
no-detail-lines versions that have just hit K-Bee Toys will be the only
versions made. There will not be MSIAs of any of the secondary Wing Gundam
figures. As for the release schedule in the US, the TALLGEESE figure should
be out sometime in July, followed by EPYON in August, with TALLGEESE II, LEO
September. Bandai America will also reissue the 11-inch tall transforming DX
WING GUNDAM toy sometime in the fall. In looking at the box, it appears to
not be battery-operated (unlike the first release of the Japanese version.)
Now, for the bad news. It looks as if the "DX Gundam Toy" line mentioned here
earlier may have been incorrect. Mr. Okazaki knew nothing about it, which of
course doesn't mean that it's not going to happen. However, in looking at the
display of upcoming Wing Gundam model kits, I couldn't help but notice that
the lineup was identicle to the aforementioned "DX Gundam Toy" line. It seems
pretty clear to me that there was a mixup and the line of upcoming model kits
was interpreted as a line of toys. I hope I'm wrong.


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