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> > Try telling that to Yoshiyuki Tomino. It's fairly
> > well known that he hates
> > Mecha, and only included them in Gundam because the
> > sponsors and studio
> > insisted.
> I have to ask:
> What? He did? Thats a really ironic twist. But if
> Tomino didn't want mechs, what was the original story
> about?

The original Gundam story was about what it's always been about, which is how
Amuro Rey grew up and discovered the family he'd never had in the crew of the
White Base.

You could dump the Gundam and all of the MS entirely without affecting that
story one iota.

This is why Gundam 0080 is truer to the original than any of the other
non-Tomino Gundams, because you could eliminate the mecha and it they story
would still be the same.

Tomino didn't want mecha in Dunbine, either. He got a chance to do it the way
he wanted to do it in the first place with Garzey's Wing.

> Then again, it is possible to have Daikun wage
> the war and take out Dr. Minovsky's research (hence
> removing the mobile suits). But that is as far as it
> would be similar to the Gundam that was shown, what
> would have happened might be different story.

No, because the story wasn't about the war and how it was waged, but rather
about the children of different mothers who learned that they were all brothers
and sisters.

Oh, and you can have Minovsky physics, compact fusion reactors and
radio-absorbing particles and all their affects on the technology of the times
and still not have mobile suits. You can also have mobile suits without
Minovsky physics, so long as you come up with another compact fusion reactor or
power source. Protoculture, maybe. There's absolutelu no interdependence
between the two technologies.


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