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> Ok... You need to take that comment back hitokiri...
> I'm a girl and I'm not "drooling" over the pilots.
> The are just anime
> characters. So not all girls do that. I could
> really care less if they were
> cute or not.

You don't? okay, I take it back for you. How could I
not make that generaliztion when every single girl I
know (again, not counting you) is drooling over Duo's
braids, or Quatre's smile, or Heero's... uh, what on
earth do they see in that suicidal maniac (don't give
a long lethargy on why Heero acts that way, I know it
too well already, I'm just driving a joke) anyway?!

Well, I guess not ALL the young teenage girls who
watch GW are in it for the bishonen. Sorry to offend
you Smokey... er, Empress. (there, that sounds better)

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