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This post coincides with some of what I've been thinking lately. I
think there are a lot of similarities between the OYW and WWI.

Zeon's resemblence to Imperial Germany (WWI)

1. nation led by royalty, Kaiser Willhelm and Archduke Degin
2. The Zabis were the top generals, and in IG (imperial germany) some
armies were still being led by princes and barons.

MS combat resemblence to WWI airwar

1. The pattern of battle for MS echos that of WWI. Units would try to
get the jump on opponents by making a high speed dash (out of the
sun). If you didn't get the enemy on that pass, battle turned into a
close-in engagement. In WWII the pattern was to keep your airspeed up
and go around for another pass. MS battles more closely resemble the
dog fighting of WWI. Go in fast, blasting away. If you miss, then
pull out the beam saber, or heat hawk and get personal.

2. ace-specialized craft, and a willingness to build low production
runs of craft. (Heavy bombers in WWI were rarely built in more than
say 10 or 20 per design) In addition, prototypes, and one-offs were
commonly sent out into battle.

3. Mobile suits were a new weapon used in war, just as Aircraft in WWI


>just kinda started thinking.. in WW I and WWII the 'Ace' pilots were
>most often piltos with anywyere from dozens to hundreds of kills to
>thier credit.. in the korean conflict and vietnam these numbers were
>reduced to maybe half a dozen give or take.. in desert Storm i don't
>remember anyone becoming an 'Ace' (minimum of 5 air-to-air victories)
>now in gundam we see some of the rally good pilots.. the aces if you
>will .. easily getting that many kills if not more in a single engagment
>(the so called "Ace-in-a-day") keeping in mind that combat in mobile
>suits is usually restricted t (relativly) close range and line-of-site,
>much like it was in the world wars could ther not be some connectoin to
>this style of combat and the unusually high kill levles compared to the
>jet age with it's radar-guidied missiels and Mach 2 speeds? speaking of
>aces has anyone ever noticed the incidental hommage ot legendary WWI
>German ace the Bron von Richtoven in the callsigns of the two
>(arguabley) most famous enemy aces in all of Gundam and it's alternate
>universes? Char Aznable, the RED Comet and Zechs Marquise, the
>Lightning BARON? of course to my eyes both enemy states of Zeon and OZ
>bare at least superficial resemblance to a militiraistic Germany (Zeon
>seems to represent 1940s-50s Nazi Germany, especially under Giren's
>guidance while OZ/Romefeller seems ot be mour like earlier Teutonic
>Germany, perhaps around WWI)
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