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>admittedly, the fact here is that a lot of leos can slow down its movements
>until a sniper can take a shot. but, seeing as how those damn pilots and
>have moved, even against serpents, I would say that it would not be a good
>of resources, since they can still conceivably survive the attack, and with
>a big percentage at that. my suggestion would be to send up long range
>against it, and then have ace corps gelgoogs at close range, with the sniper
>at long range being the coup de grace. I specify Ace pilots for the gelgoogs
>since they have to be good enough to be aware if they are blocking the
>firing solution. the long range grunts would have to keep flying as a
>just nudging the poor GW MS into place with shots which don't necessarily
>to connect.

all five W boys? against Ace Corps? I hope they prayed before they went into
thier mobile suits...

I'd say only 2 people can take care of this problem Amuro and Char :P

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