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BlazeEagle@aol.com writes:

>Ocean Studios have done bad dubs, too, though. I think it should be dubbed
>ok, I have seen the first tape of 0083 dubbed and it was good. Yes, I have
>seen all of 0083 subbed.

Actually, I thought the dubbed 0083 was _okay_, it could've been a lot
better, but I've seen lots worse. (I did think whoever did Monsha's voice
had him dead-on ^_^). But I personally still think Ocean Studios did a damn
sight better on Wing than ZRO did with 0083. My biggest problem with 0083
wasn't necessarily the acting... it was poor voice casting (the wrong voice
with the wrong part). But even that problem can be overcome if you have
good voice DIRECTION. I still cringe at Zechs' voice in the Wing dub, but
at least the PERSONALITY was there. Bad voices can be worked around if the
voice direction is handled well.

But I'll keep my fingers crossed on a dubbed original series. If it's AT
LEAST as good as Wing, I'll spend my money for the DVDs. Besides, I won't
pass up any chance to see the original TV series in its entirety, since I
haven't even seen it _at all_ yet. ;-)

And now that I'm finished preaching, I shall pray that this does not devolve
into a "dub vs. sub" thread. ^_^


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