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<< Try telling that to Yoshiyuki Tomino. It's fairly well known that he
 Mecha, and only included them in Gundam because the sponsors and studio
 insisted. >>

Then he can stop doing mecha shows! I've heard this before, if he hates mecha
so bad, why does he continue to make mecha shows?? If he hates mecha so bad,
even if the sponsors and studio insisted on it, why don't he try saying no, I
hate mecha and I'll take my talents elsewhere if I must constantly make mecha
and cannot try other shows.

Is he bound under contract to make mecha shows? If its part of the contract,
then I understand. But, if he has free choice on what shows to make, yet he
still makes mecha shows, then he must not hate mecha that bad! :) Yes, I know
that he has made a few non mecha shows as well.

Is there any sites or books, in English, that list all of Tomino's work? The
above is my view now, but if I knew more about Tomino, maybe it would change


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