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<< >>Although it's not set in stone, I think it appears that the original
Gundam might come to CN. However, I'm a little worried about how the dated
animation will appeal to those who have watched the fairly recent
CN's history, most of the older shows don't exactly do that well...just look
at the fates of G-force, Robotech, and Ronin Warriors......I don't know if
this is a wise marketing decision on their part...while the old show has
arguably one of the best stories and is classic anime, the animation could be
a problem...maybe they should've played X instead? I think X would have
brought people in with it's booming soundtrack alone....<<
I think I agree. G Gundam or Gundam X would be good immediate followups to
Wing. That way, you can sort of have the flashier, less militaristic Gundams
that appeal to the Wing fans in a new show and make it clear that Gundam
exists in more than one universe, which will set them up for the realization
that the main Gundam universe isn't Wing. ;) >>

Well, I disagree. I think they made the right decision to go with the
original GUNDAM. I think they looked at the potential of each of the shows.
Going with X or G would have been more risky because they don't have the
history to fall back on. If X had failed, it might've killed Gundam in
America altogether.

I think Bandai has a lot of faith in the original story, despite its late
70's animation, to go for it. Releasing the original GUNDAM unlocks all the
other UC Gundams (ZETA, ZZ, CCA and then F91 and V), thus creating a long
running franchise. Whereas with X or G, they would have been rolling the dice
on a single show.


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