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>Although it's not set in stone, I think it appears that the original Gundam
might come to CN. However, I'm a little worried about how the dated animation
will appeal to those who have watched the fairly recent Wing...in CN's
history, most of the older shows don't exactly do that
>well...just look at the fates of G-force, Robotech, and Ronin Warriors......I
don't know if this is a wise marketing decision on their part...while the old
show has arguably one of the best stories and is classic anime, the animation
could be a problem...maybe they should've
>played X instead? I think X would have brought people in with it's booming
soundtrack alone....

I think I agree. G Gundam or Gundam X would be good immediate followups to
Wing. That way, you can sort of have the flashier, less militaristic Gundams
that appeal to the Wing fans in a new show and make it clear that Gundam
exists in more than one universe, which will set them up for the realization
that the main Gundam universe isn't Wing. ;)

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