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> << A friend in Japan has said that 0080 was unpopular right now due to its
> 'real mechanics' designs,
> although rumors there are that a MG Kampfer would be appearing soon. >>
> I liked 0080's mecha desgins a lot. I disliked that the Kamper and the
> didn't get enough screen time. The opening battle was one of the best
> scenes I have seen. It makes no sense to go to all the trouble of creating
> GREAT Mecha designs and then not having them in many battles. The Gundam
> important as part of the story, yet is barely used.
> I dislike 0080 because the few battles it had where good, but it had FEW
> battles. The reason why I say this is, the opening battle was awesome and
> would have liked to see more of that level of battles. I like Gundam
> it has great battles with great characters and stories. Gundam is usually
> known for its great battles AND story/characters.
> While I do like battles, I do not like movies or shows that focus on the
> battles and nothing more. I like good battles within a good story, but I
> NOT like battles for battle sake. Battles are in Gundam because its a war
> story. 0080 was very good, I just do not like it.
> I think the problem is its too short and that they tell nothing about
> happened to the Alex. Another is, I liked Bernie a lot...
> -spoiler space-
> -
> -
> -
> -
> -
> -
> -
> -
> -
> -
> -spoiler space over-
> And they had to kill him off! That's not a good reason to dislike
> but there it is :)
> There's other reasons I dislike it as well, but cannot think of them and
> not want to start yet another 0080 week long debate, so I am finished
> about why I don't like it, as I don't like to rant about how I dislike
> something.
> I may watch 0080 again to see if I like it any better, though.
> Aaron

I happened to like 0080 a great deal. I would have liked to see more of the
Alex as it is my favorite Gundam, but oh well. I was wondering though, when
Bernie is fighting Christina in the last episode, he uses a heat tomahawk to
stop her beam saber. Is this possible? It seems kind of far out to me. I was
also wondering how they compare for energy output and how much power they
store. (I heard the beam saber holds one minute of power but I am not sure)

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