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>Shenlong? well, I guess a couple of hundred leo's
>would whoop wufie's ass. give him an Altron and he'll
>need 400. The nataku aint so much of an improvement so
>give 500.
>DeathScythe? That's different. xxxg-01d features hyper
>jammer. 350 leos. HOWEVER: XXXG-01D2 has ACTIVE CLOAK.
>700 leos or until the batteries on the Beam scissors
>give out (whichever comes first).
>Now for the others we've missed:
>Tallgeese 1&2: fly em way high up in the sky then
>start blasting away. 200 leos or until the cannon
>Wing: same for tallgeese, but since the power of the
>buster rifle is stronger, give heero the leeway of 250
>Wing Zero: How many leos can you squeeze in a
>continent the size of space station libra?
>Wing 0 custom: three space station libras? (3000+?)
>H-arms: this guy will run out of bullets before he
>kills 50, (sorry trowa fans).
>H-arms custom: 100. If trowa decides to let his finger
>off the trigger every now and then.
>sandrock: not much, but due to tough armor, give him
>sandrock custom: 150?
>sandrock + maganac troops: PARTY!
>Epyon: whoop ass mech, give him 400
>taurus: 30-50 (with Noin in the cockpit of course)
>virgo: how long does the shields last?
>mercurius: thrice as Virgo's
>vayeate: =tallgeese
>merc & vay8: 200
>all five: ever heard of OVERKILL?
>all above: whoa, i don't think we can show that much
>Then again, I'm talking of AC physics. Meaning, the
>Wing pilots are god type fighters and everyone on
>earth's army is a total idiot. On UC however, its a
>different story.
>Note: if you send in Serpents, reduce the numbers to
>Lighten up people, in AC the word physics does not
>exist ^_^.

even then, deploying so many mecha to just a few MS's would be bad in UC
terms...because it qwill leave you open to attack by sneakier pilots, LOL!

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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