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> >
> >total BS! the only one that can accomplish this
> >> would probably wing, since it is the only one
> with a far range weapon and
> As proven in EW, which I'd like to say i enjoyed. I
> would send swarms and
> swarms of leos out, not one on one, until the Gundam
> pilot is suffocating,
> well now that I think about it not neccesarily a Leo
> but a cheap expendable
> mass production suit, the only way to move is up
> which at that point a GM
> Sniper or a turret is waiting. Keep in mind
> staffs-holders like the
> Deathscythe and Shenglong, would be screwed since
> the Shenglong flames'll be
> useless since it has a chance of hurting itself and
> besides its dragon Fang
> need time to retract... so at this point fall back
> or lose....... also at this
> point we show how the leos cheap guns'll become a
> very usefull tool.......
> -Roger

Shenlong? well, I guess a couple of hundred leo's
would whoop wufie's ass. give him an Altron and he'll
need 400. The nataku aint so much of an improvement so
give 500.
DeathScythe? That's different. xxxg-01d features hyper
jammer. 350 leos. HOWEVER: XXXG-01D2 has ACTIVE CLOAK.
700 leos or until the batteries on the Beam scissors
give out (whichever comes first).

Now for the others we've missed:
Tallgeese 1&2: fly em way high up in the sky then
start blasting away. 200 leos or until the cannon
Wing: same for tallgeese, but since the power of the
buster rifle is stronger, give heero the leeway of 250
Wing Zero: How many leos can you squeeze in a
continent the size of space station libra?
Wing 0 custom: three space station libras? (3000+?)
H-arms: this guy will run out of bullets before he
kills 50, (sorry trowa fans).
H-arms custom: 100. If trowa decides to let his finger
off the trigger every now and then.
sandrock: not much, but due to tough armor, give him
sandrock custom: 150?
sandrock + maganac troops: PARTY!
Epyon: whoop ass mech, give him 400
taurus: 30-50 (with Noin in the cockpit of course)
virgo: how long does the shields last?
mercurius: thrice as Virgo's
vayeate: =tallgeese
merc & vay8: 200
all five: ever heard of OVERKILL?
all above: whoa, i don't think we can show that much

Then again, I'm talking of AC physics. Meaning, the
Wing pilots are god type fighters and everyone on
earth's army is a total idiot. On UC however, its a
different story.

Note: if you send in Serpents, reduce the numbers to

Lighten up people, in AC the word physics does not
exist ^_^.

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