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Mon, 03 Jul 2000 09:09:36 GMT

>0080 was a very good story, I just do not like it. 0080 could have been
>without mecha.
>- My rant of people who like Gundam's story and wish the mecha did not
>exist -
>Mecha battles are part of Gundam. What gets me, some people like Gundam,
>dislike the mecha. Disliking mecha is fine, but some wish Gundam did not
>mecha at all. Gundam is in the mecha genre, mecha battles are part of this
>genre. Gundam wouldn't be Gundam without mecha. If 0080 didn't have any
>mecha, it wouldn't sale as a Gundam show. You can like it or not, but mecha
>are part of Gundam. All of Bandai's kits/toys of Gundam mecha proves this.
>people didn't want mecha, these toys/kits would rot in the stores.
>If someone doesn't like mecha, but likes Gundam's story that's fine, just
>don't bash them. This is not really directed at you, I just remembered how
>someone liked Gundam's story, but wish it didn't have mecha! When one
>watches a given Gundam anime, mecha battles are a given and if some doesn't
>like mecha, but likes the story, they need to accept the fact that mecha
>battles will be in there or don't watch Gundam if the mecha interferes with
>one's enjoyment of the show. Its like when some only watch GW for the
>guys and moan about the mecha. Gundam is a mecha show, no matter your view.
>don't know the exact words, but Gundam was created back in 1979 to make
>shows more realistic, as all that existed was Super robot shows.
>Gundam is a mecha. Gundam is not Gundam without mecha, its part of Gundam.
>Besides, the title has the main mecha's name in it, Gundam. I am not
>about you or anyone here as far as I know, it was in a Newsgroup.
>Rant over, sorry for that rant :) I just had to get that off my chest.

Try telling that to Yoshiyuki Tomino. It's fairly well known that he hates
Mecha, and only included them in Gundam because the sponsors and studio
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