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<< I have to disagree with you on this one.. I think in terms of story and the
 ending it was great.. I think the point was to feel for Bernie. It was
 meant to end tragically.. I think if this was done here, We would see
Bernie and
 Chris not fight, and just skip town.... Its definately a very "japanese"
 The reason I say this, is that I heard that in the japanese literature, its
 preferable to have a sad ending where the hero/heroine never lives to be
 with their love than to have the happy ending.. Maybe some JapaneseGMLrs
 give me more info.... I think it may explain endings to series we know and
 and wondered "What the $%$!!!???" did it have to end that way... >>

  I would have walked away from that fight, but the fight was to make a point
for the sake of the story, not be rational. Even if it's just words,
sometimes its best to just walk away and not fight and sometimes its best to
fight if there is no other choice. Bernie and Chris had their chance to walk
away. Bernie could have continued with his trip and Chris could have
destroyed the Gundam or surrender it. Sometimes its best to surrender. Well,
anyway, their choices where to prove the stories point and don't have to be
rational. 0080 was a great story, its just not something I want to watch
often. It made its point to me, I have taken the point to heart, I just don't
have to like it.


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