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<< A friend in Japan has said that 0080 was unpopular right now due to its
 'real mechanics' designs,
 although rumors there are that a MG Kampfer would be appearing soon. >>

  I liked 0080's mecha desgins a lot. I disliked that the Kamper and the Alex
didn't get enough screen time. The opening battle was one of the best battle
scenes I have seen. It makes no sense to go to all the trouble of creating
GREAT Mecha designs and then not having them in many battles. The Gundam is
important as part of the story, yet is barely used.

  I dislike 0080 because the few battles it had where good, but it had FEW
battles. The reason why I say this is, the opening battle was awesome and I
would have liked to see more of that level of battles. I like Gundam because
it has great battles with great characters and stories. Gundam is usually
known for its great battles AND story/characters.

  While I do like battles, I do not like movies or shows that focus on the
battles and nothing more. I like good battles within a good story, but I DO
NOT like battles for battle sake. Battles are in Gundam because its a war
story. 0080 was very good, I just do not like it.

  I think the problem is its too short and that they tell nothing about what
happened to the Alex. Another is, I liked Bernie a lot...

-spoiler space-
-spoiler space over-

And they had to kill him off! That's not a good reason to dislike something,
but there it is :)

There's other reasons I dislike it as well, but cannot think of them and do
not want to start yet another 0080 week long debate, so I am finished talking
about why I don't like it, as I don't like to rant about how I dislike

I may watch 0080 again to see if I like it any better, though.


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