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(sorry for the long post, but the story sounds so much better than just
"oooh i got an MG alex today" :P)

In an interesting bit of fate, I came back to Edmonton to visit my parents
for the long weekend. On Sunday, I decided to go and visit some of my
anime inclined friends and say hello. However, it being a Sunday, the bus
routes sucked. I left my place at 12:40pm, and arrived at West Edmonton
Mall at 12:50. Had to wait till 1:30 until a bus for the southside arrived
so I hopped into the mall to deposit a cheque I had and pay off my Visa.
On the way out I walked passed a shop I'd passed dozens of times before
but for whatever reason the Trigun logo caught my eye. Hoping that it was
the new Kaiyodo Vash the Stampede figure I did a double take. In the
display, there were a few assorted neat things, including some little half
inch rubber Gundam figures. Since I had some time to kill, I walked in ...
good lord I found the mother lode =)
A whole shelf of Gundam kits! All kinds of 1/144 and HG kits, but what I
really wanted was the MG kits, and they actually had a few. As I recall,
there was the original RX-78 (not the v1.5), a GM Custom (which I almost
bought), a green Zaku I, a black trinary Zaku II, and a normal 0079 era
GM. Aaannnndd. ... my beloved NT-1 Alex =) The price was a tad high, at
$74.99-$79.99 canadian dollars, but I figured it was an acceptible cost.
Considering most MG kits (from US stores) go for about $40US, tack on $6
shipping, then convert to canadian dollars and you're up to $69 canadian,
throw on a 7$ customs fee and the fact that I'd have to wait 2 weeks to
get it, the few dollars difference was worth it.
Once I reached my destination, I ripped open the box, surveyed the
glorious multicolored sprues and laid my eyes on my first Gundam.
I won't get a chance to bust open the baggies and start assembly till
Monday or Tuesday, but it was a good feeling =)
So, anyone have anything I should watch out for while building MG kits,
the Alex in particular? Someone was nice enough to comment on the RX-178's
potential hangups last week, so i'd appreciate any similar info.
Once I get home tomorrow night I should have a few things waiting for me,
actually ... my master Grade RX-178 (in Titan trim), my copy of Diablo II,
my Independence Day collectors edition DVD, and this Alex ... so
many things competing for my attention.
Wee =)

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