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>As proven in EW, which I'd like to say i enjoyed. I would send swarms and
>swarms of leos out, not one on one, until the Gundam pilot is suffocating,

>well now that I think about it not neccesarily a Leo but a cheap expendable

>mass production suit, the only way to move is up which at that point a GM

>Sniper or a turret is waiting. Keep in mind staffs-holders like the
>Deathscythe and Shenglong, would be screwed since the Shenglong flames'll be

>useless since it has a chance of hurting itself and besides its dragon Fang

>need time to retract... so at this point fall back or lose....... also at this

>point we show how the leos cheap guns'll become a very usefull tool.......


Actually, in close quarters combat, an experienced staff user is even more deadly,
because of the fact that you won't be able to avoid it, or have less room to
avoid. and the Shnglong would probably have the proper systems to counteract
its own weaponry. it doesn't have to retract the arm...nor does it have to
extend it, since the dragon head will activate regardless.

admittedly, the fact here is that a lot of leos can slow down its movements
until a sniper can take a shot. but, seeing as how those damn pilots and MS's
have moved, even against serpents, I would say that it would not be a good use
of resources, since they can still conceivably survive the attack, and with
a big percentage at that. my suggestion would be to send up long range grunts
against it, and then have ace corps gelgoogs at close range, with the sniper
at long range being the coup de grace. I specify Ace pilots for the gelgoogs
since they have to be good enough to be aware if they are blocking the sniper's
firing solution. the long range grunts would have to keep flying as a screen,
just nudging the poor GW MS into place with shots which don't necessarily have
to connect.

It's either that, or they go up against an ace of aces, like Johnny Ridden,
or Shin Matsunaga or Char. or Amuro, or Kamiru or Judo.

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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