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>total BS! the only one that can accomplish this
>> would probably wing, since it is the only one with a far range weapon and
>> there is still the charging time.... gimme 50 leo's any day, victory comes
>> numbers and all around weaponry, and you just keep that in mind.....
>and keep in mind that in AC Leos are probalby the lowest rung on the
>mecha scale there.. especiallly when a gundam shows up on scene... it
>would be like sending Zakus after Nu Gundam, or M4 Shermans after an

As proven in EW, which I'd like to say i enjoyed. I would send swarms and
swarms of leos out, not one on one, until the Gundam pilot is suffocating,
well now that I think about it not neccesarily a Leo but a cheap expendable
mass production suit, the only way to move is up which at that point a GM
Sniper or a turret is waiting. Keep in mind staffs-holders like the
Deathscythe and Shenglong, would be screwed since the Shenglong flames'll be
useless since it has a chance of hurting itself and besides its dragon Fang
need time to retract... so at this point fall back or lose....... also at this
point we show how the leos cheap guns'll become a very usefull tool.......


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