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> Hi there!
> > I just wanted to know, do any of the models of the NT-1 Alex come with
> >the armor? I want to get the master grade and I wanted to know if it came
> >with the armor before I buy it. If none of the kits do, is there any add
> >to make it the armored version? I really think this is one cool looking
> >Gundam. thanks
> Yep, the Master Grade Alex kit does indeed come with the chobham armor...
> it's a pretty ingenious use of polycaps to "lock" all the armor parts
> together over the "bare" mobile suit itself, it looks good and doesn't
> to fall off... and it's easily removable, of course. Get the MG Alex,
> worth it! :)
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> Carlin
Thanks, I intend to get the MG. Does anyone have any (or know where I can
find any) really good pictures of the Alex? I have been kinda pressed for
time and can't check out and I was at mechadomain, and it said
the Alex has a shield, but I don't remember it using one in 0080. Does
anybody have a picture of this?

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