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Master Asia wrote:
> >good points all, in this and in your last post.. This is the kind of
> >feedback i was hoping for originally :), a balanced view of the pros and
> >cons of Mobile Suits, not Wing bashing.
> >
> just keep this in mind this has NOTHING to do with wing, I find close range
> weaponry very cool but very useless for all but aces and last resorts and has
> NOTHING to do with Wing, NOTHING!!! That why standard issue US weaponry is an
> M16A2 Rifle NOT a sword, keep in mind a sword is so obselete that it is only
> used in ceremonies.

yes, i know.. moving on

keep in mind your views were, "I'll send in a W gundam in
> to destroy a whole base",

i never said any such thing.. i was pointing out possible ways an AC
gundam might be usefully deployed in UC.. preferably if there were more
than one example of each but i guess yo ujust assumed i was such a
"Wing-nut" that i would use them like they are used in Gundam Wing

total BS! the only one that can accomplish this
> would probably wing, since it is the only one with a far range weapon and
> there is still the charging time.... gimme 50 leo's any day, victory comes in
> numbers and all around weaponry, and you just keep that in mind.....
and keep in mind that in AC Leos are probalby the lowest rung on the
mecha scale there.. especiallly when a gundam shows up on scene... it
would be like sending Zakus after Nu Gundam, or M4 Shermans after an

> -Roger says BOOYA!!!

Lelsie honks you onna nose and says "meep" :)

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