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hrmm.. it isn't even a good idea to model anywhere with rugs/carpet
around.. especially if you have to paint!!! (not to mention, those using a
spray gun would have a lot of hassle trying to clean the rug too!!!)


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> For those of you who wants to get the basic knowledge of modeling and
> modifying kits... Run, don't walk, to the local bookstore and get your
> hands on a copy of the July FineScale Modeler. Many good articles on
> techniques, including casting your own parts!
> Modeling tip of the day...
> When modeling, keep a clean plastic bag with no holes next to you.
> This way, if you manage to cut a major artery on your hand, you can
> stick your hand in the bag while running for the medical kit and won't
> get blood on the rug, which is a bitch to clean and saves you a lot of
> explaining the next time cops raid your house. Trust me, I am speaking
> from experience. :)
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