Neil Baumgardner (
Sun, 02 Jul 2000 13:05:51 -0400

Also, ADV is picking up Robotech:

"2. They have picked up Robotech - all 85 episodes. AND they have hired Carl
Macek to produce the video and DVD release. They are planning many extras -
promotional materials that were produced to sell the show, voice actor
interviews, historical stuff, etc.
Unfortunately since the sub rights to Macross were sold in the middle of all
of this, they won't be able to do the 'perfect collection' treatment that
they wanted to do, at least on Macross. (As you likely know, AnimEigo is
subbing Macross.) Still unsure on the other two parts at this time.

The exact format of the release is being decided - ie, one run of 1-85,
three runs for each segment, etc."


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