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Gundam Wing Endless Waltz will be shown on Cartoon Network and released to
home video in *4* formats.: Cartoon Network VHS Dub $14.98, Uncut VHS Dub
$19.98, Cartoon Network DVD Dub $29.98 and what most people will want - a
Collectors Edition Sub/Dub DVD with BOTH the 3 OVAs *and* the EW movie for
$34.98. This will be the only place the GW EW Movie will be available.
The next Gundam Series (after the previously announced 08th MS Team) will
be the original 43 episode TV series.

Gundam 0080 * 0083 will be on DVD in 2001.

Woohoo! Woohoo! Woohoo!
So we're getting the three great OVA's, _and_ MSG. Between now and the end
of 2001. Thats a lotta Gundam in the next 18 months. My guess is we'll see
the first dubbed episodes of MSG later this year, possibly as early as
September, but more likly in October/November. My guess is CN will make
them hold off on the VHS/DVD releases until there's been one complete run
through of the show, but if they stick to 5 episodes a week, we could see
the DVD's as early as February next year.
Seeing Zeta as the next series would have been cool, but this means Bandai
is going all out with UC ... we're getting it ALL! Woohoo!

Come on everybody, let's do the Gundam dance =)

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