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Sun, 02 Jul 2000 09:21:50 CDT

Eddie writes,

>The TV series has been in re-run on broadcast TV quite a few times and is
>now currently being released on VHS, after the LD box sets were released
>about a year or two ago.

I'd almost put money on Bandai doing the same thing they did with Wing...
release it dubbed on Cartoon Network first, then turn right around and do
DVD and VHS releases at the same time. Not only would it back up the
previous rumors we've all heard, but it would make sense if Bandai seriously
wants to start showing UC stuff on TV. Otherwise, they'd have to go to G or
X instead (which they could very well still do).

My only big question besides this is... will it be dubbed as lousy as they
did the movies? At least from what I've heard... I only watched the first
volume of the 0083 dub and that was enough to scare me away. Fortunately,
the dubbed Wing was a good apology. If they do dub the original TV series,
they'd better use some real talent for the voice acting and direction this
time around.

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