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>no, your opinions didn't offend me.. the way you presented them did.. i
>said it before and i'll say it again this was not about AC vs. UC..
>it's about AC IN UC.. ther is a diferance.. i was trying to put forht my
>views on how these suits could best be deployed and used to play up
>htier strenghts and donwplay thier weaknesses.. but somewhere along the
>line it turned into a "my gundam cna beat up yoru gundam" argument.. i'm
>not tryintg to say that if the pilot of an AC gundam runs outta luck
>he's not gonna crash and burn.. but reading your retorts sounds like UC
>MS can do no wrong, and that AC MS can do no right because they are Wing
>Gundam and not "The Original"... they sounded inflated and egotistical
>to me and i felt motivated to do my best to burst your bubble.. just a
>habit i have... but anyway.. did anyone else have anyting to say about
>my rundown of practical (or impractical depending on your P.O.V)
>deployment of Mobile suits from AC into a UC environment?
Actually Same thing here, and not only did much of you're argument look for
close range weapons seem to annoy me, all you talked about was the one vs.
everyone, and I felt that I had to bust YOUR bubble. Your ignorance is so
annoying, keep in mind that one on everyone is impossible AND the GM SNiper is
armed with close range fire, a Bazooka and rocket launchers, and a Beam Saber,
adn like you said before you need to detect the fire before you can do
anything not only that but it is also made with luna titanium....

my view on the UC in AC universe one Zeta Gundam can't conquer a base either,
and no you didn't burst my bubble.......


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