Sun, 2 Jul 2000 05:38:45 EDT

  Here's what happened to the site, HLJ has this message posted:

To our Customers:

On Saturday July 1, HobbyLink Japan's web server, a Cobalt RaQ IIIi hosted by
digitalNation, suffered an irreparable hard disk failure, and our site became
inaccessible. A new machine has finally been installed in its place and we
are currently working to upload all of our backups to the new server and
configure the machine properly. However, due to the large volume of data
involved, we expect that it will be at least until Monday morning in Japan
(Sunday evening in the US and Europe) before we can complete all the work and
be ready for business as normal.

Please accept our heartfelt apologies for the trouble. We are as frustrated
by this as you are. We should be up and running shortly. Thanks for your
understanding on this matter.

Scott T. Hards

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