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Hrmm.. the G-Saviour is supposed to be somewhat like the F90 where it takes different components to suit the need. Isn't G-2 is supposed to be a "derivation type" that isn't shown in the movie? G-3 is something used in the game only, and the hero of the game, if i remember correctly, is not the same guy (not Mark Curran).

But I sure hope what you heard is going to be true... those actors aren't really all that appealing...


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    Do you mean "Next era" like it's just a continuation or all future UC stories or series will take place in the the time period of G-savior?

  Isn't it odd how they get so many "Gundam" variations into only one movie? There's like four versions. This pilot's worse that Kou to need so many upgrades.

  BTW- I heard a rumor that the next gundam tv series will be a full CG G-savior series. (CG actors no live action.) Also- the company to do it may be Warp. The makers of D and D2 videogames.


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