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>no, your opinions didn't offend me.. the way you presented them did.. i
>said it before and i'll say it again this was not about AC vs. UC..
>it's about AC IN UC.. ther is a diferance.. i was trying to put forht my
>views on how these suits could best be deployed and used to play up
>htier strenghts and donwplay thier weaknesses.. but somewhere along the
>line it turned into a "my gundam cna beat up yoru gundam" argument.. i'm
>not tryintg to say that if the pilot of an AC gundam runs outta luck
>he's not gonna crash and burn.. but reading your retorts sounds like UC
>MS can do no wrong, and that AC MS can do no right because they are Wing
>Gundam and not "The Original"... they sounded inflated and egotistical
>to me and i felt motivated to do my best to burst your bubble.. just a
>habit i have... but anyway.. did anyone else have anyting to say about
>my rundown of practical (or impractical depending on your P.O.V)
>deployment of Mobile suits from AC into a UC environment?

They would make great ace units, but their lack of a rounded out arsenal
leaves them vulnerable to specific attacks which are used in UC. case in
point: bits.

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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