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> >funnels or bits are newtype weapons and yo can't alway shave a newtype
> >whenever you want one.. funnels and bits can also take care of anything
> >from GMs to Mobile armors unless they have the best of the best of the
> >best piloting them.. are you going to dismiss all those designs as well?
> God damn it is fair for you to have The Zero System and the pilot to be in
> perfect control, but you get your panties in a knot when I mention a newtpe
> whew.....
no, a ZERO system is a system (may or may not be like Alice i don't
know) that can make whoever it is in the cockpit perform like a
newtype.. psycommue weapons need an acutall newtype

> >> Just my opinion :P,
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> >> -Roger
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> >somehow i doubt that.. in fact this has sounded just a little bit
> >patronizing in some areas.. i wasn't trying to promote AC over UC as you
> >seem ot think, i was jsut trying to point out my veiws of how best to
> >deploy these MS in a UC environment as this thread started with the
> >queation of "what if...?" and i tried to answer to the best of my
> >abilities.. i happen ot be one of those who like the gundam wing mecha
> >but i like UC timeline stuff to and i for one don't find the love of one
> >to be mutually exclusive to the other, i tried to make my points and you
> >made yours so knowing that we both just like gundam can we dispense with
> >the UC/AC one-upmanship?
> >
> Keep in mind, I don't like the story, I have no problem witht the MS design,
> but keep in mind your talking about Commando shit, thats close to impossible
> realistically, I doubt that the US Army sends one ranger in to capture an area
> even if he was a "super" ranger......
> And WTF?!! you're talking about Wing as superior to everything in the UC, and
> you talk as if close range is the best type of offense, no... its not, if
> soldiers ran in with only a Bayonet when the other team is laying down some
> serious fire I doubt it'll work...
> And I'm sorry if my opinion offended you.......
no, your opinions didn't offend me.. the way you presented them did.. i
said it before and i'll say it again this was not about AC vs. UC..
it's about AC IN UC.. ther is a diferance.. i was trying to put forht my
views on how these suits could best be deployed and used to play up
htier strenghts and donwplay thier weaknesses.. but somewhere along the
line it turned into a "my gundam cna beat up yoru gundam" argument.. i'm
not tryintg to say that if the pilot of an AC gundam runs outta luck
he's not gonna crash and burn.. but reading your retorts sounds like UC
MS can do no wrong, and that AC MS can do no right because they are Wing
Gundam and not "The Original"... they sounded inflated and egotistical
to me and i felt motivated to do my best to burst your bubble.. just a
habit i have... but anyway.. did anyone else have anyting to say about
my rundown of practical (or impractical depending on your P.O.V)
deployment of Mobile suits from AC into a UC environment?


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