Sun, 2 Jul 2000 00:01:46 EDT

> << I hope it's alright and this thing does'nt become a trend for model
> I
> mean, Actionace.com just fizzled out, and hopefully HLJ is'nt about to
> suffer the same fate. >>
> Yep, I share your frusataion. Action ace had some of the best prices for
> US import store.

    Let's not just jump to conclusions here....

In a message dated 7/1/00 8:55:09 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
BlazeEagle@aol.com writes:

> He also said my order was packed and this was the reason for his answer. I
> understand for credit cards, but I think it doesn't make much since to
> an order BEFORE receiving the money order. I mean, what if someone never
> sends the money order, you know?

    Yea, weird stuff....I guess there's nothing much you can do now though
except sending another email or something, hopefully they will hired more
capable staff as indicated on their page..

    anytime I wanted to replace an item with another I just cancel the first
item and then place a new order...didn't bother emailing HLJ people to do it.
though at times this resulted in orders shipping separetly...

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