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<< Hmm....I don't think HLj updates the order status on weekends..or do they?

  Well, it was Friday when I wanted to check on it, but couldn't connect to
find out. The Front page half worked for a while, but wouldn't connect to the
order status page at all. I don't think they update on Weekend's either.

  I was having a problem with the person at, I pay with a
money order and hadn't been able to send the money order out yet and wanted
to change an item to something else and explained this is detail. He said I
could not cancel. I didn't say this to him, but I was thinking, What the
HECK?!?! I didn't want to CANCEL it, I wanted to CHANGE ONE ITEM!

  He also said my order was packed and this was the reason for his answer. I
understand for credit cards, but I think it doesn't make much since to pack
an order BEFORE receiving the money order. I mean, what if someone never
sends the money order, you know?


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