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Master Asia wrote:
> >but the deathscythe has enhanced stealth features and is the fastest of
> >all the gundams in Wing, it cna zip in *SLASH* zip back out before they
> >know what happened..
> saying Gundam (AC) vs. Gundam (UC), Judging from what you say a gundam has to
> stay still for this to happen,
no, it dosn't... if a mobile suit had to stay still for a hand-to-hand
weapon to be effective Beam Sabers wouldn't be so widely used in UC

> and Sandrock is the heaviest armored of all the
> >Gundams, and you know how much punishment the 'weaker' gundams can
> >take.. it would depend on where they had to fight..
> Ok.... the sandrock is equipped with 2 rockets and Gigantic Heat Weapons, its
> "Armor" wont do squat with so little Weaponry, I bet that Gundam pilot is just
> shivering thinking about that dent the Sandrocks heat thingies are gonna
> leave, an even the slowest gundam can dodge missles
the missiles are homing missiles and it also has the head vulcans and
the Kai has a beam submachingun... and heat blades are effective
weapons.. didn't you see that Dom tropn cleave that Zaku in half with
it's heat saber in 0083?

> >i'd imagine Wing gundam would be passing fair at space combat but being
> >designed for atmosphere
> And Wing...... Its So Zeta-like that its performance might be very close if
> not for that super-robot world of GW....
i haven't seen Zeta so all i get is the super-robot referance.. i've
seen super-robots.. Gigantor, Voltron, and Tranzor (Magizaner) Z.. GW
may be a bit on the light side of beliveability compared to UC (though
some UC tech is a bit far-feched to me.. how do you control 12 little
flying attack bits with just your Mind AND concentrate on piloting your
mobile suit? newtype or not?) but if it weren't for a supsension of
disbelief we wouldn't really be able to enjoy ANY Gundam really

> >Shen-long and Sandrock would be best suited to ground attack in broken
> >terrain where close combat is almost a nessecity, mountains and jungles
> >etc.. between the heavy armor and he heat shortls of Sandrock and the
> >quick response and deadly close-quarter weapons of Shen-long they should
> >be kept in good stead in the brutality that most close face-to-face
> >battles generally devolve into, Sandrock Kai would be bettter equiped
> >for space battles but would still really shine more in gorund combat
> >erthside or in a colony...
> >
> Shenglong is equipped with flamethrowers......... not to mention the actual
> length of the Dragon "Hang" is a little bit longer than its body. I'd say a GM
> Sniper or GM Sniper II would do the trick.

IF the sniper cna see them.. keep in mind the terrain i specified. a
"sniper" by any definition relies on having a poerfull long-ranged wepon
and striking form a distance at a clear target.. one shot, one kill..
how does the sniper do that when in canyons and hills and forrests and
jungles where he could be trudging along and all of a suddne *bump* "oh,
um.. hello Mr. Dragon-Fang.. granted in such a situation both units
would be equally surprised moste likely but i'd put my money on the one
buiolt or close-range... and yes i know they could rprobably her each
other coming but that's not always a reliable method of tracking a
target.. not reliable enough anyway ot justify fireing a heavy
beam-rifle blindly into dense undergrowth

The one MS who I think would have a
> chance is Heavy arms it has all that fire power BUT it has all those shell
> weapons a shot in the right place from a GM Sniper could make it go boom....
dude, you're not talking about a possible vulnerability that ANY
gun-heavy vehicle wouldn't have

> >Heavyarms and Heavyarms Kai would be best used as defensive weapons at
> >bases (Heavyarms) and colonies/carriers (Heavyarms Kai) with suppporting
> >movbile suits covering it while it ducks in for more ammo it can be a
> >very potent machine...
> unlike the Zaku there was never any mention of Ammo cartidges or E-pacs for
> the Heavy Arms and other Wing MS's, that would mean they have to dock to
> reload.

not nessicarily, for all we know the ammo bays of the Heavyarms type
gundams cold be made so they could be reloaded by competnet crews in MS
in the field.. remember Trowa kept his gundam on the back of a Flatbed,
not docked in a fully equiped maintenance berth

> >Deathscythe and Deathsythe Hell are sneak attack machines.. not front
> >line fighters.. on earth or in space they could best be put to use using
> >speed to make a dash ot the rear lines while using stealth to evade the
> >bulk of enemy formations, then disrupting supply and communications in
> >the rear.. angain using spead and stelth to avoid "mixing it up" and
> >giving it the luxury of picking and chooosing it's fights...
> Like I said before considering you want a Gundam (ac) vs. Gundam (UC), you
> should know that there is almost no such thing as a REALLY slow gundam so I
> don't think that there is any Gundam pilot dumb enough to stand there and wait
> for you to slash them

i've already coverd this.. UC already has aestablished the value of
close-combat weapons.. and before you can move to avoid something you
need to know there is something to be avoided.. stealth to hide and
speed in a quick dash to lash-out from hiding

> >Altron, like Wing Zero, appears to be a potent enough design ot be
> >farily versitile, probably best used as a storm-trooper MS to punch a
> >hole quickly in enemy lines, usually to get at the command unit..
> Altron, like shenglong has Flamethrowers very close range, I figure that an
> Ace in a Gouf can have no trouble disabling and capturing such an MS and just
> like before it can also betaken down by one of my favorite guys the GM Sniper
> from far away.
an ace in a gouf would be decapitated by the Dragon Fangs befoer it
could use it's heat-rod, and from all the resources i've had access to
gouf's aare rarely if ever armed with anything more powerfull than a
handfull of machine-cannons.. even without Gundanium shells of up to
120mm have been stopped cold by Gundam armor.. in fact Amuro got strafed
to hell and back without more than scratched paint back when gundam
armor was still called Luna titanium

> >nobody Mentions Epyon, so i will, it has arguable the most potent
> >close-combat weapon a mobile suit can carry, and is fast enough that for
> >the most part it's not as hampered by the lack of a ranged weapon as one
> >might think, again, like Altron this would be a good unit to bust in
> >shredding whatever got in it's way heading stright in to duel wiht the
> >command or other important unit (and by duel i don't mean cross swords
> >and fight honorably, i mean evade/destroy all obsticales until you can
> >shove that beam-sword into the comander's MS right where it hurts)
> You make it sound like the commanders just sitting there with a "Hit Me"
> sign..... not to mention that you are talking UC not AC.... their
> reinforcments don't just sit there like wing, "oh my, it fast"..... Epyon has
> to get close, We are talking about "in your face" close, a Quebleley can take
> it down.....

a Quebleley, i thought that was a newtype unit.. and if i'm not mistaken
newtypes are a rare breed... and i wasn't just talking commanders but
any important-looking units.. and incombat who are you gonna worry about
more.. the purple gundam that just zipped by or the 10 or 20 other guys
shooting at you? again i realize Epyon is an "in-you-face" mecha as you
so eloquently put it but time and time again MS in UC have been called
to battle at arm's length so a machine like Epyon wouldn't be too
disadvantaged especially with it's Zero system.. speaking of which i
noticed that you didn't say anything about my commentary on Wing Zero

> >TallGeese, a farily decent all-around suit.. if it's control issues
> >could be resolved it might make a good mass-production model
> >
> it made of a titanium-alloy its only advantage is it speed, after that it
> would be fairly simple to take down, if going toe to toe with a gundam
gundams in UC are armored with an exotic form of titanium.. so what's
your point?

> >Mercurius and Vayate (hey, i've come this far :) alone these are some
> >immpressive mobiel suits, the Vayate could probably suplement if not
> >replace Guncannon and GM cannon while Mercurius would be good as a
> >second line MS following he front in an advance, using thier enhanced
> >defense abilites to help blunt any break-thorughs in the line,
> >alternatly i'ts so well shilded but with at least average if not better
> >weapons it could serve as a good commander's MS helping one of the most
> >tempting targets on the battlefild survive to lead the fight.. but they
> >really shine as a team, either suppoorting each other in fighter/wingman
> >groups or as the anchors of a small MS squad (4-6 mobile suits) or as a
> >"bodyguard" to a command MS or Vessel or similar sensative unit
> >
> can be taken care of by anything with funnels or bits even the Elmeth (or
> whatever its called)
funnels or bits are newtype weapons and yo can't alway shave a newtype
whenever you want one.. funnels and bits can also take care of anything
from GMs to Mobile armors unless they have the best of the best of the
best piloting them.. are you going to dismiss all those designs as well?

> Just my opinion :P,
> -Roger

somehow i doubt that.. in fact this has sounded just a little bit
patronizing in some areas.. i wasn't trying to promote AC over UC as you
seem ot think, i was jsut trying to point out my veiws of how best to
deploy these MS in a UC environment as this thread started with the
queation of "what if...?" and i tried to answer to the best of my
abilities.. i happen ot be one of those who like the gundam wing mecha
but i like UC timeline stuff to and i for one don't find the love of one
to be mutually exclusive to the other, i tried to make my points and you
made yours so knowing that we both just like gundam can we dispense with
the UC/AC one-upmanship?


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