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> Did she join to avenge her parents or simply to repay Char for saving her
life? It always seemed to me that Lalah was above petty things like revenge.
Of course, all I have to draw on is the MSG movies and some of her "ghostly"
appearances in CCA. But I can see her joining to aid Char and perhaps have
some kind of influence on his life to turn him, at least somewhat from the
violence she sees in him.

Hmmm. Somehow I doubt Char would listen even given that her death and his
guilt over it is exactly why he hates Amuro so much. Amuro was about ram a
beam saber through his Gelgoog when she knocked him out of the way and took
the sabre herself and Amuro didn't seem capable of killing her dilberately.
Besides at that point in the battle he had all but rendered her incapable of
more fighting.

Basicly Lala was an innocent puppet who hadn't though things through that
much and had made some very poor choices including joining an experimental
weapons program and falling in love with Char. When she realized who Amuro
was and connected with him mentally she realized how far off course she
was(in her life) and started to shout about how he he had shown up too late.

Baicly she didn't want to be a pilot much less one who sits out in the
middle of noweher and blows up ships and suits froma distance.
She wanted to please Char. When she met Amuro mentally it became apparent
that newtypes shouldn't fight each other or be pitted against each other.
She did everything she could to keep Char and Amuro from actually killing
each other.

Both Char and Amuro walked away with a lot of guilt and confusion and anger
that day.

Oddly Char doesn't flinch from doing the exact same thing with poor psycho
Quess Paraya in his quest to drive man into space.

I doubt he was listening to any visits from LaLa if she was bothering to
give hm a chance. Oddly enough she could have told him that she chose to
die(or at least to risk death) so Amuro and he could both live and not
become murderous puppets of their respective militaries as she was.


> Roland

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