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Actually, the figures are already out :). Anyway, the model kits you have to
put(By snap-together construction) together, and there are not 100% color
accurate(If you feel the need to, you can paint them. The stickers don't
cover all the areas)They have quite a few advantages over the figures, such
as the fact that the Wing model kit can transform, something the figure is
incapable of doing(Unless you modify it a LOT). The kits are also slightly
taller than the figures, and I think the heads at least have better
Now, the action figures come preassembled and fully painted, and unlike the
plastic kits they are molded in soft Vinyl, so they look a little more
rubbery. Although they lack the black panel work found on the Japanese
figures. The heads dont look as good as the models for me, and the
Sandrock's cross-crusher does'nt look quite right, but otherwise they look
pretty good. As an extra bonus, the Heavyarms comes with two sets of
gattlings, a set of one and the double gattling you see in the final
episodes of the TV series.
  But from what I've read, the 1/100 Wing kits pretty much burry the 1/144s
and the action figures.
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> Whats the difference between the 1/144 GW model kit
> and the upcoming GW "Action Figure" ?
> Bill
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