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On Sat, 1 Jul 2000 03:05:42 -0400 Paul Fields <> wrote:
>I have a motivational question for you...
>Giren killed Zeon Daikun, Caspar Daikun becomes Char,
>and joins Zeon to kill Giren... (I can see this one)
>Lalah Sun's family was killed in the war, so she joins Zeon to
>get revenge on the people who killed her family, and to help
>Char who rescued her...
>Now it dawns on me that Zeon began the war, and Lalah's
>parents wouldn't have died if there was no war, so why is
>she helping them continue it?
>I mean the Feds couldn't have killed her folks right, unless
>they were wearing Zeon uniforms...

Did she join to avenge her parents or simply to repay Char for saving her life? It always seemed to me that Lalah was above petty things like revenge. Of course, all I have to draw on is the MSG movies and some of her "ghostly" appearances in CCA. But I can see her joining to aid Char and perhaps have some kind of influence on his life to turn him, at least somewhat from the violence she sees in him.


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