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> Subject: [gundam] What happens to Sayla?
> Hey there. I said earlier that I've seen the first 20 episodes of
> Zeta Gundam
> as well as the original Gundam Trilogy and Char's Counterattack.
> In the Zeta
> episodes I've seen, all main members of the White Base crew are
> shown again
> except for Sayla Mass. During the opening animation, the White
> Base crew is
> shown but Sayla is again mysteriously absent. I know she isn't
> shown in Char's
> Counterattack so I'm wondering if she ever shows up again in the Gundam
> universe. Where is she and what becomes of her?

Actually, she does show up on every show that Bright Noah shows up in.

In MS Gundam she was piloting core booster / G Armor.
In Zeta Gundam, she listened to her brother's broadcast at Dakar.
In ZZ Gundam, she saved Judo's little sister.
In CCA, she just avoid being crushed by Char's attack on Lhasa.

Other than her action in ZZ Gundam, she does tried her best to stay out of
the way. And consider her certified Newtype status, it is best for her not
to draw too much attention.

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