Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Fri, 30 Jun 2000 23:54:53 -0700

>Forgot to say that I saw the game on auction this morning (1:30 am) on
>auction at E-bay , and it was already at $176. (It is gone now,

Do you have the URL? I don't recall seeing it.

>Bloody hell.......that is really pressed......
>NCS ( http://www.ncsx.com ) and Game Express ( http://www.gexpress.com )
>said that they have ample quantities, as well as Video Game Depot (
>http://www.videogamedepot.com ) (VGD has the BEST prices I have seen on many
>games, and Giren is $59.99 there. I also bought a replacement copy of my SAT
>Z Gundam for $32.99 from them, so I can sat thay they are EXCELLENT).

Is there any reason why I only see Part 1 being auctioned on eBay
constantly? Part 2 seems to be made in very limited quantities.


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