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Hmmm, I'd have to chime in with Metal Aromor Dragonar, which I vote as best
mecha show with the same plot as Gundam 0079. Seriously, while older, it has
that zip that made Z Gundam era shows so fresh, atleast for me.=)

Aura Battler Dunbine, mecha + Shakespeare= kewl!

And the single best non Gundam Tomino Mecha show...............
Walker Machine Xabungle. Some say it was the Macross 7 of its day, lots of
light humor and adventure, really it has more to do with Lupin III than
Char's Counterattack, a real departure for Ol' Kill 'em all Tomino. I mean
this is every western TV ever shot with the horses replaced by bare bone
mecha. I love seeing Amos trying to pilot a mecha when the controls are like
a car steering wheel. Ahh I can't say enough cool things about this show.

Oh yeah Ideon looks cool too! =)
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>Ahhh the list is so quiet today =)
>Here's my rambling on some other mecha shows I've seen (not neccesarily
>shows where mecha is the focus, but they at least play a part in the
>story). Hopefully it will spark some conversation, and maybe convince
>someone to see a show they otherwise wouldn't. Feel free to comment and
>add your own.
>These are in no apparent order, just the order that I thought of them.
>Vision of Escaflowne - A true modern classic. It should be considererd
>essential viewing for any anime fan. The mecha aren't the focus of the
>story, but they do play an integral part. I really like the so called
>"Steam-punk" design (That being high technology reproduced with
>steam-engine era tech), and even if there's a little "magic" involved, its
>well done. Also, let's not forget the Yoko Kanno factor. This show has
>some of her best songs, Dance of Curse is one of my favorites.
>Daigaurd - Fairly nifty show. Finally got a chance to see the first
>episode a little while ago. I still don't fully understand everything, but
>basically aliens come to earth and humanity is defenceless, blah blah
>blah. Wev'e all been there before. So they build a giant robot but don't
>actually end up using it for some reason. Flash to the future and the
>robot is now part of a promotions team that endorses products and such.
>The aliens return and some of the staff go out and pilot in it ... of
>course it doesn't work so well, since there are no mystery metals that
>solve the weight problem and such. Plus its entirely unarmed =) An
>interesting take on 70's style giant robots, and one I look forward to
>seeing more of.
>Martian Successor Nadesico - Another must see. This show has something to
>appeal to everyone. I remember reading somewhere that it was voted
>favorite anime series of all time in Japan last year. There are a lot of
>silly shows, and shows that don't take themselves seriously, but I think
>this has done it far better than any other. Take your typical space
>battleship with mecha fighting against an overwheming enemy, and stir in a
>healthy dose of comedy. Plus Gekiganger is the best anime within an anime
>ever .... LET'S GEKIGA-IN!
>Gasaraki - I got to see the first two eps of this at Otaku No Festival a
>few weeks ago. Decidedly odd show with a heavy dose of mysticism, but the
>'tech is pretty cool. The mecha has a very realistic feel to them .. about
>as plausible as any giant robots I've ever seen =) Hard to say whether I
>really like it or not, it's definately going to take 5 or 6 episodes to
>Brain Powered - This is probably the best new show I've seen in a long
>time. After watching the first two episodes, the show was definately
>unique and oddly itriguing. After seeing 6 episodes, I'm getting into the
>story and starting to have an appreciation fo the characters. After
>hearing about Tomino's complains of Gundam focusing too much on the mecha,
>and not enough on the characters, I can really see that reflected here.
>Even though the mecha in the show was designed by the guy who did 5 Star
>Stories (Nagano .. aurgh .. cant remember the name), they almost seem
>intentionally bland and un-model kit worthy. Other than Gundam, of all the
>series' I'm in the progress of watching, this is the one I most look
>forward to finishing. Oh, and Yoko Kanno. Yoko Kanno == goodness.
>Evangelion - Well, I might as well mention this one. I really didn't like
>it. Really, really didn't liek it. That's just me though =) I know lots of
>people who realy got into it, but it just wasn't for me. I can only stand
>so much angst, and I can honestly say this was the first series I watched
>where I honestly _despised_ all of the characters. Except for Pen-Pen
>perhaps, there wasn't a single character I liked. Tack on mecha design I
>didn't like, a plot that cratered near the end ... ugg. Not my cup of tea
>=) This ain't Eva bashing, since I know some of you love it, I just .. err
>.. hated it =)
>Sakura Taisen - Not really a mecha show at all, other than the fact that
>it has mech's in it. Again, a neat Steam Punk thing going on, lots of
>girls battling evil, yadda yadda. The OVA was inconsistent but reasonably
>enjoyable. As for the TV series, it looks to disregard the events of
>the OVA and too many of the characters seem to have had the bitch factor
>raised through the raw japanese episodes I've seen...
>Patlabor - I really enjoyed the TV series, even if I've only seen about a
>third of it. How many episodes are there again? 60 or something? A
>generally fun show, with nice mecha designs, likable characters, and a
>decent if inconsistently good plot. The OVA's were better, with a touch
>better animation and some great stories. The movies I didn't like in the
>slightest. Story was far too slow and dragged on.
>Bubblegum Crisis and Bubblegum Crisis 2040 - BGC is one of my alltime
>favorites, and the first anime I bought on DVD. Having watched it coming
>off of Robotech it influenced my greatly. I love the music, love the
>characters, and it had some great stories. As I've mentioned before, I
>haven't warmed up to BGC2040 yet, but I may give it another go in the near
>future since I'm running out of other things to watch =) For those who
>don't know, its girls in power armor fighting semi-biological robots
>called Boomers.
>Macross 7 - I really wanted to like this show. It had a lot going for it,
>neat transforming mecha, it had Max and Miriya, I grew up watching
>Robotech, it had Max and Miriya, and did I mention the nifty transforming
>mecha? However ... ugg... Bassara. He has the distinct honor of being the
>only character other than Shinji from Eva that I wanted to repeatedly kick
>in the head. If they'd JUST toned down the influence of music a little bit
>it would have been infinitely better ... Macross did it right, in small
>doses Minmei wasn't that bad, but its like massive overload. Still, I did
>sit through all 49 episdoes just so I could see Max and Miriya flying
>together again at the end. Word of advice though. DO NOT watch the
>Dynamite 7 OVA. This is a warning to you all. I'll put it bluntly: Giant.
>Space. Whales. That's the focus of the plot.
>Hrrm ... I'm sure I've seen more, but thats all I can think of now, so go
>forth and comment =)
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