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Fri, 30 Jun 2000 18:30:12 -0700 (PDT)

> Evangelion - Well, I might as well mention this one.
> I really didn't like
> it. Really, really didn't liek it. That's just me
> though =) I know lots of
> people who realy got into it, but it just wasn't for
> me. I can only stand
> so much angst, and I can honestly say this was the
> first series I watched
> where I honestly _despised_ all of the characters.
> Except for Pen-Pen
> perhaps, there wasn't a single character I liked.
> Tack on mecha design I
> didn't like, a plot that cratered near the end ...
> ugg. Not my cup of tea
> =) This ain't Eva bashing, since I know some of you
> love it, I just .. err
> ... hated it =)

i personally didn't lke eva. i don't hate it, i just
don't think it lived up to all the hype and deserves
all the praises it seems to be getting in landslides.
and the point that eva seems to be the product of one
man's mood swings makes me believe that eva's purpose
was just that -- to whine.

> Macross 7 - I really wanted to like this show. It
> had a lot going for it,
> neat transforming mecha, it had Max and Miriya, I
> grew up watching
> Robotech, it had Max and Miriya, and did I mention
> the nifty transforming
> mecha? However ... ugg... Bassara. He has the
> distinct honor of being the
> only character other than Shinji from Eva that I
> wanted to repeatedly kick
> in the head. If they'd JUST toned down the influence
> of music a little bit
> it would have been infinitely better ... Macross did
> it right, in small
> doses Minmei wasn't that bad, but its like massive
> overload. Still, I did
> sit through all 49 episdoes just so I could see Max
> and Miriya flying
> together again at the end. Word of advice though. DO
> NOT watch the
> Dynamite 7 OVA. This is a warning to you all. I'll
> put it bluntly: Giant.
> Space. Whales. That's the focus of the plot.

whoah! i liked macross 7. lots. :)

basara...i liked the man! he was truly a refreshing
break from the disgustingly cliched angst ridden
prepubescent kid hero in mecha anime. he talks the
talk and walks the walk. no pretentious bombastic
inane speeches from this guy (just a whole lot of
wacked out singing). i found basara funny, especially
when he gets all intentionally dense and obtuse with

"kids today. they just don't get it."
"don't get what?"
"you started it!"
"started what?"
"what don't i get?
"you tell me"

he's got this weird artist's zen thingy that, while
totally screwed up, fleshes his character out fine.

the music plays a big factor in liking (or hating,
heh) macross 7. what can i say, i liked fire bomber
the instant i saw the first episode, and rock suits me
just fine. kinda a throwback to 80's for me :) (but
i don't think that rock & roll, as a genre, has as
much lasting power as the orchestraic music of
original bomber is already a love 'em
or hate 'em kind of music, and it lasting for 15 years
like minmei music for those, like me, who like fire
bomber is a BIG question mark)

though i have to admit, the first few episodes will
wear your nerves bare with endless repetitions of the
same song "planet dance". however, the songs do get
some variations later on ("submarine street", "my soul
for you", "remember 16" and "power to the dream", all
four are favorites of mine). i thought basara singing
to the sleeping protodevlin under the tree was way
cool. >:P

i just have to say that -- looking at everything (mech
designs and even the story itself) in macross 7 and
comparing them with original mech designs and
prototypes from the original macross (the original
sketches for sdf-1 had hands like battle 7 and looked
like the white base :P) -- it seems that macross 7 was
always the intention of the original macross series.
in macross, it was about song. in mac 7, it's about
the passion behind the song.

i find the entire idea of sound force and
guitar-shaped controls (NOT guitar controls per se,
mind you) a bit goony, but those are small things to
be overlooked for me.


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